What Causes Headaches – General Information

It is imperative to know what is causing your headaches. First, you can’t treat your headaches directly by taking pills or any natural remedies; these methods will only relieve the pain in your head. Although you can take pills for occasional or once in a blue moon headache; but if you are suffering from everyday headaches then you have to know the causes of it so you can prevent or minimize your headaches from recurring.

Take note that frequent use of painkillers can cause another type of headache called “rebound headaches.” So aside from the harmful side-effects that pills give, it might cause you further problems by giving you a new kind of pain in the head.

According to the statistics, 90% of the entire human population experienced at least a headache each year. And, about 40% of them suffer from recurring, disabling or severe form of headaches. If you’re interested to know what causes headaches, then keep on reading.

Determining the reasons why you’re getting headaches usually call to find the quality, region, severity and treatment. For instance, you should ask yourself when did you start having headaches and what did you do about it. Then, identify the quality of the headache. Is it a throbbing or a pricking sensation? Do you feel heaviness in your head? After that, you should also identify the region in your head where the pain seems to originate. Classify the severity of the pain if it is mild, moderate, or severe.

Stress and Pressures in Life

Stress and tension is the most common cause of headaches. People nowadays are living a stressful life not knowing that our body is not designed to absorb all the pressures that we put into it. And because our body cannot speak, soon it will call your attention thru your headaches. Try to relax a little bit, learn to relieve your stress by doing simple breathing and stretching exercise.

Common Illnesses and Diseases

Headaches usually are caused by other ailments or disease in our body or triggered by factors in our environment. So it is best to find the causes in order to relieve the pain in your head and to prevent it from coming back.

Another possible cause is infection, which can be either viral or bacterial. If you have a flu virus, you may experience headaches because of the fever or nasal congestions. In severe cases, meningitis and encephalitis patients also feel extreme pain because the membrane the surrounds the brain is inflamed. In addition, some bacterial infections such as streptococcus can also cause intense headaches. Urinary tract infection is a good example for this.

Headaches may also occur due to nasal lining swelling such as the case of sinusitis. When the cavities around your eyes, nose, and cheeks become infected, a throbbing pain in your head can be felt because of the congested mucus. A person with sinus problems may experience intense pain when he or she bends down or moves suddenly.

Overuse of Painkillers

Overuse of pills is also a leading cause of headaches. So if you have been taking too much pills lately to cure your headaches then you might not know it is already the one causing it. This headache is called rebound headache as mentioned previously, so try to avoid pills as much as you can and use natural remedies.

Hunger and Lack of Sleep

Metabolic and biochemical can also cause headaches. Your body cells need constant supply of energy to function properly. When you are hungry, the supply of energy is depleted. The cells will resort to utilize other energy resources anywhere in your body and that could lead to headache. You might also be abusing yourself by depriving your body with sleep. Lack of sleep is another reason for your headaches, you might be surprised by a simple bed rest might prevent your headaches from coming back.

Menstruation for Women

Moreover, women also experience intense headaches when they undergo menstruation. In fact, migraine headaches are very common among women when they have their period. If this is the cause then ask your physician the safest medicine you would take with the least amount of side effects.

Environment Trigger Factors and Food Stuff

The food that you eat might also be the cause of your headaches every day. A food additive such as Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) is one common cause of headache. Keep watch on your diet, keep a journal (headache diary) or list down the foods that you eat daily so you could track down the food that is causing it so you could start avoiding it immediately.

Migraines on the other hand are triggered by certain conditions. Although recent studies conducted say that migraine are acquired through heredity, the pain usually does not attack on its own. It can be triggered by certain factors such as food additives (usually MSG), preservatives, allergy reactions, changes in temperature, sensitivity to light, noise and other factors within the environment of the person suffering from migraine headaches.

Withdrawal From Addictive Substances

Headaches are also caused when you are trying to control your addiction to certain substances like caffeine (drinking coffee), nicotine or alcohol. This is the reason why most coffee drinkers suffer daily headaches because of withdrawal from coffee. This is the reason why it became a belief that drinking coffee or coke can cure headaches, unknowingly it is a sign of withdrawal.

Take note that “headaches” is a very famous withdrawal symptom. Whether you are stopping smoking, quitting drinking or stopping any addiction that you have developed, headaches can be felt. But don’t worry, it is only short lived but once it becomes worse, you should consult your physician immediately. But as much as possible, use natural remedies and avoid taking pain killers to relieve the pain in your head.

Dehydration and Hangovers

Did you know that dehydration is another cause of one painful headache? You might not know it but drinking a glass of water may be the answer to your dilemma. On the other hand, you experience a bad headache whenever you have a hangover because your body is totally dehydrated and this is the main reason why you feel miserable when you wake up in the morning. This is the reason why it is highly recommended to drink plenty of water before, during and after a drinking spree to minimize the bad effects of drinking too much alcohol when you get up in the morning. So instead of gulping down an aspirin that will further damage your liver, consume as much water as you can to replace what was lost.

Rare Causes of Headaches

Some physiological reasons for having headaches can be caused by head injury or trauma. Although these are rare instances but if this happens, a person may experience headaches due to the damage of the scalp, skull, or brain. The pain may not start immediately after the accident though. It can develop very slowly or rapidly within hours or days. Again when this happens, seeking medical assistance should be prioritized.

Development of brain tumors is also a rare case that causes headaches. So if suddenly, you started experiencing painful headaches and you could not possibly determine the real reason why or if your headaches are getting worse each day, it is best to see your physician.

Another unusual rare cause of headaches is sex or what they call “sex headaches“. Some people develop headaches whenever they reach climax, you might find this weird and funny but its true. Stress or lack of exercise might be the cause of this but no one really knows for sure unless you seek the real cause why it happened all of a sudden.Although this is not actually serious and eventually will go away; it is best to find the other underlying cause of headaches which is triggered when you make love. And if things gets worse, it is best to seek medical help.

Before resorting to any kind of medications, take the time to know the real cause of your headaches. Maintaining a headache diary or food diary will help you on your journey to discover what is causing your headaches. Your doctor should also be able to identify the underlying cause after observation and thorough diagnosis. Observe if the pain responds or disappears after medication or just a simple bed rest would do the trick.

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  1. Jag says:

    Yeah really funny, anyway, it\’s true, different causes of headaches should be treated differently. Pain killers should only be used in emergency cases and the time spent should be looking what really is causing the pain.

  2. Norman says:

    The sex thing is really funny. Honestly 2 years ago I felt that. Thought I was having some kind of abnormal thing inside me but eventually it left me. Anyway, for those who are suffering from this kind of headache, just release your stress.

  3. TM says:

    If you’re female, have your hormones checked, even if you’re getting headaches at all different times during the month. Low progesterone causes migraines. Most only get them at onset of period, but others with low levels all month long, may have a headache all month long. Especially perimenopausal women. Most doctors don’t test your progesterone and estrogen levels, you have to ask them. For some reason they like to say it’s a normal part of aging. I’d rather die than age in pain. That’s how bad mine where, along with a dozen other symptoms. So get your hormones tested!

  4. Waldo says:

    Great stuff, most specially the rare cause of headaches. I’ve been suffering from migraine for years and it disappered when my doctor advised me to wear glasses. Guess headaches are not really serious but very irritating, unless of course it is a symptom of something serious.

  5. Alvin says:

    This article is funny but an eye opener and very informative. Causes of headaches really can be weird at times.

  6. Kh says:

    Yes that is correct I have had sex head aches in the past before many times so it is a true cause of it even though it’s rare.

  7. denver back says:

    Stress is right up there when it comes to finding out what causes them since it creates the situation in which the patient suffers from ‘flight or fight’ feelings along with other symptoms including shallow breathing, high blood pressure and also raised heart rate.

  8. Barik says:

    நான் தலைவலி பற்றி பல தகவல்கள் பெற்றேன் … நன்றி.

    in English
    “I got many informations about headache… thanks.”

  9. Brian says:

    This is a very informative and detailed article on headache causes. The last cause (sex) is very interesting. I would be more likely to get a headache if nothing happens as opposed to after climax.:)

  10. Jagot says:

    I don’t know but, another rare cause of headaches is tooth problems. Someone I know damaged his tooth because the tooth filling was accidentally removed. Probably he bit something very hard and got occasional toothaches.

    After that incident, he suffered severely from frequent headaches. He did everything he could to no avail until he remembered the damaged tooth. So he went to the dentist, have the tooth removed and his headaches disappeared.

    Weird thing isn’t it.

  11. Gina says:

    Great information you have here – saved me a lot of time doing some research in school. The rare causes of headaches is really funny, I bet many will be surprised about the sex thing – LOL.

  12. Shanda Graham says:


    • alexs says:

      You have to talk to your physician Shanda – ask them to do some tests and scans. You said it started during the past few months recently, try to analyze what happened. Did you move to another home (environment), any accidents, traumas, etc. Talking to a psychologist if you could afford it may also help.

    • jeremy says:


      One thing that could be causing your headaches is ALL THE YELLING YOU KEEP DOING. MAYBE CALM YOURSELF DOWN AND SEE IF THE HEADACHES start to go away.

    • RJ says:

      Hmm well it could be a big problem. My friends mom had that as well and found out she had a tumor. They took it out just in time. So go take a memogram at the hospital

  13. Anonymous says:

    Cool stuff specially the sex thing. Well honestly I experienced that before (headaches during bed activity) but was so shy to tell it to my spouse. Eventually it just went away, anyway this article has given some peace of mind that such occurrence is normal.

  14. Courtnie Robbins says:

    that information was highly helpful but it didn’t answer what headaches cause. i know what casuses a headache because I get them on a daily basis. However, I would like to know what the results of too many headaches cause

  15. guilia siciliano says:

    ty so much

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